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Buy specialist Horse Insurance & Rider Insurance from Animal Friends Equine - 0844 5732100 - The ethical choice for Horse Insurance

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Jemma Hearn from Devon

11/08/14 17:09


horse insurance  

It started off good, however excuses after excuses not to pay out, or the typical excuse of 'not receiving any claim form'. My horse had surgery regarding kissing spine, I was originally with Pet Plan but moved to this insurance due to the prices. However I will pay for a better more expensive insurance that is more reliable then Animal Friends. It doesn't do what it says on the tin, it looks good but my vet wont work with this insurance for a reason, and now I know why!

Chloe from Redcar

21/05/13 14:05


horse insurance  

I've been with Animal Friends for just over a year and have been unlucky enough to have needed to claim on 3 separate occasions, all for amounts of around £1000 or more. Each time they have paid out quickly with no queries. I would definitely recommend them! The price for cover for horses and dogs is very reasonable and the service is excellent, staff are friendly and helpful.

amanda harrison from March

14/05/13 10:33


horse insurance  sdfVet fees full cover

They are very reasonable price wise. I love the fact they donate to so many charities and that is a plus as far as I am concerned.

kelly from north east

24/03/13 18:00


horse insurance  

friendly and helpful, make you feel that youre in safe hands

Ash from Refer

23/03/13 11:47

riding insurance  sdfRiding cover

Very good and cheap, covers most things needed for riding accident cover

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