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Petplan Equine has been a leading horse and rider insurance provider since 1988. They are known for their professionalism and specialist knowledge of the equine market and are dedicated to providing great products and excellent customer service.

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veteran insurance ratings after 4 reviews

sue from somerset

13/06/13 11:50


veteran insurance  

I have been with Petplan Equine for many years and never made a claim. I recently wrote to notify them that I had sadly had to have my beloved horse put to sleep which I was extremely upset about as we'd been together for over 30 years. I merely got a standard letter back stating "Due to changes in your policy a refund of premium has occurred. This has resulted in an amount of £** to be returned to you. Should you have any queries in respect of your return premium please contact Customer Services."
Crassly insensitive. I won't be insuring with them again.

Nicola Adamson from Glasgow

05/05/13 08:35


veteran insurance  

I haven't had my horse for long but the previous owners were with pet plan and recommended it highly so I stayed with them. They will cover your horse till its 25 and my horse has just turned 20. I have found there insurance to be very fairly priced.

Fiona C from London

27/03/13 07:49


veteran insurance  sdfveteran

I have found the help given very helpful and the cover reasonably priced. Veterans are rarely insured for much cover anyway. I find the service excellent.


19/02/13 12:01


veteran insurance  

Had never made a claim in the 12 years I have had my pony and she is now 21 and had to call the vet out for colic .
Vet Chased me for payment and found out that petplan had rejected my claim as only covered for injury but no-one had contacted me to let me know. this is not made clear on my policy or certificate only in the small print in the booklet as I thought I was covered up to £1000 vet fees . Now left with a hefty bill to pay.
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