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Petplan Equine has been a leading horse and rider insurance provider since 1988. They are known for their professionalism and specialist knowledge of the equine market and are dedicated to providing great products and excellent customer service.

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riding insurance ratings after 3 reviews

Indianna from Surrey

24/05/13 17:22


riding insurance  sdfRider plan

I love this insurance very cheap, no hassle... perfect.

Indianna from Surrey

04/04/13 22:35


riding insurance  

Pet plan equine have been great for my rider insurance I ride other people's horses often aswell as my own meaning I need rider insurance. Pet plan is great value for money and provides excellent cover.

Eleanor from Hertfordshire

17/03/13 10:28


riding insurance  sdfCan't remember sorry

Using cover for riding and have done for quite a few years, it has been excellent haven't claimed yet (I hope we don't have to!) But it is good value for money and customer service is great!

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