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Petplan Equine has been a leading horse and rider insurance provider since 1988. They are known for their professionalism and specialist knowledge of the equine market and are dedicated to providing great products and excellent customer service.

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Heather from wales

29/05/15 21:43


horse insurance  

Have had my horses insured with petplan for 10years lost one of them in October 2014 as I could not prove ownership of him they have refused to pay out eventhough Iit was covered in the policy if you ccan't prove you own your horse don't use this company


Sarah from Northants

13/11/14 21:31


horse insurance  

Last May I had to have my beloved young horse PTS due to wobblers and was devastated. She was insured with PetPlan and they have only just paid up (partially) in November! I have had to pay £500 excess already and today received a letter stating they would not pay for euthanasia or cremation (approx. another £600). When I phoned a queried this they said euthanasia was not covered in any policy and cremation cover was an optional extra. Posting this to say please check your policy if insured through PetPlan - you may think you have better cover than they provide and have massive unexpected bills!

Tina Otto from Gloucestershire

21/07/14 03:36


horse insurance  

On the whole, Pet Plan has been very good - we have had all our dogs and my horse insured with them. Claims with my horse (and the dogs) were paid well and with no hassle; however this year I lost my horse to liver disease, along with several other physical problems. Sadly, although advised by my vet that to have him pts would be the kindest thing to do for him, I wasn't advised by my vet to discuss this with Pet Plan, or to seek a second opinion (as per the BEVA Guidelines). He was quite obviously very uncomfortable, and despite the amount of food and forage I was feeding him, he could not put any of his weight back on. Taking his physical health into consideration - laryngeal hemiplegia, lymphangitis, enlarged DDFTs in both forelegs, arthritis in both hocks and now the liver disease (identified via blood tests, and deteriorating very quickly) the vet felt that this was the only option, that retirement probably wouldn't suit him. She suggested he could have a liver biopsy - but why would I put him through that when all the blood tests had shown that he had liver problems? Maybe it would be obvious to some people that a second opinion should be obtained, but I was so worried about him suffering that I just accepted that the vet would do right by him. Maybe, it would be a good idea to make it quite clear that no horse should be pts until the insurer has been contacted? Not Pet Plan's fault I know. Awful situation to be in.

sue from somerset

13/06/13 11:50


veteran insurance  

I have been with Petplan Equine for many years and never made a claim. I recently wrote to notify them that I had sadly had to have my beloved horse put to sleep which I was extremely upset about as we'd been together for over 30 years. I merely got a standard letter back stating "Due to changes in your policy a refund of premium has occurred. This has resulted in an amount of £** to be returned to you. Should you have any queries in respect of your return premium please contact Customer Services."
Crassly insensitive. I won't be insuring with them again.

Dani from Buckinghamshire

30/05/13 23:01


horse insurance  

Very happy with pet plan, fairly priced, great customer service, have been using for ages and haven't had a problem.

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