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SEIB (South Essex Insurance Brokers) Specialist equine insurance brokers. Online quotes for Horses, Trailers, Horseboxes, Equestrian Business, Private Car Hire, Pets and Travel. SEIB, A better way to insure.

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Snotrag from Midlands

04/09/17 22:35


horse insurance  sdfSEIB Horse and Pony Policy

Terrible recent experience with SIEB. Beloved child's pony has been having routine dental checks and rasping when his vaccinations were due. Discussions with vet indicated not problems and my instructions were to continue his routine checks at vaccination time. At least two vets said what good teeth he dad. Fast forward to this summer. Vet identified a broken tooth that needed extracting due to infection. I asked whether infection just a year after the previous check was normal and she said that yes, the timescale was normal. She asked me to check with SEIB whether the pony was covered for dental work. they procrastinated with their answer but didn't hesitate to put an immediate exclusion on 'teeth and gums' for the next renewal. As the equine dentist only visits the vet periodically, I had to go ahead with the extraction. Now SEIB refuse to pay as on the pony's clinical history (which the vets never shared with me), there is a reference to 'sharp points' and 'caries' which they said I should have told them about. I didn't know about the caries (vet never mentioned them) and I thought the point of routine rasping was to get rid of 'sharp points' so just mentioned 'routine rasping' at renewal. I've written back to them explaining this but they don't want to know. Really appalling customer service too. So 2 pieces of advice based on my experience:
1) don't insure with SEIB!
2) be wary of getting dental work done by your vet as what they write on the clinical history (the vast majority of horses have 'sharp points' that sometimes need rasping off and caries affect around 50% equines) is likely to create an exclusion that you may well not be aware of - until you try to claim that is.

Danni from Milton Keynes

04/04/17 19:28


horse insurance  sdfBRIT Policy

SEIB is a broker and the cover I received from one of there recommended insurance companies was extremely poor managed to wriggle out of paying out claim for operation, mortality and euthanasia, apparrantly the oness is on the insured to prove the veterinary facts, they disagreed with the facts and the expert opinions, not worth the years of premiums I paid out, and after paying for everything myself to save my horse, who has the money to challenge them legally.

Ann from Derby

06/04/13 20:31


horse insurance  

Been so understanding with my claim. Paid out straight away and been extremely understanding and helpful throughout. Checked to make sure I was getting the best possible cover for my horse.

Susan Reynolds from Wakefield

23/03/13 15:21


horse insurance  

Been with them for years never ever had any problems - paid out straight away every time

su from chester

22/03/13 06:33


horse insurance  sdffull hunter cover and youngstock basic

all ways helpful, considered all the history fairly, prompt payment of vet fees with minimal paperwork involved
wide choice of cover available
would recommend

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