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SEIB (South Essex Insurance Brokers) Specialist equine insurance brokers. Online quotes for Horses, Trailers, Horseboxes, Equestrian Business, Private Car Hire, Pets and Travel. SEIB, A better way to insure.

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Danni from Milton Keynes

04/04/17 19:28


horse insurance  sdfBRIT Policy

SEIB is a broker and the cover I received from one of there recommended insurance companies was extremely poor managed to wriggle out of paying out claim for operation, mortality and euthanasia, apparrantly the oness is on the insured to prove the veterinary facts, they disagreed with the facts and the expert opinions, not worth the years of premiums I paid out, and after paying for everything myself to save my horse, who has the money to challenge them legally.

Ann from Derby

06/04/13 20:31


horse insurance  

Been so understanding with my claim. Paid out straight away and been extremely understanding and helpful throughout. Checked to make sure I was getting the best possible cover for my horse.

Susan Reynolds from Wakefield

23/03/13 15:21


horse insurance  

Been with them for years never ever had any problems - paid out straight away every time

su from chester

22/03/13 06:33


horse insurance  sdffull hunter cover and youngstock basic

all ways helpful, considered all the history fairly, prompt payment of vet fees with minimal paperwork involved
wide choice of cover available
would recommend

Karen from Stafford

18/03/13 09:58


veteran insurance  

Never had any problems with them, Veteran insurance is limited, but is relatively cheap compared to what friends pay. Would recommend them.

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