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Insure My Horse

Insure My Horse offers comprehensive horse insurance for all your equine needs, part of the 'Insure My' network offering general insurance since 1993.

Insure My Horse offers their customers:
* A quick and efficient quotation system
* A dedicated equine call centre based in UK
* Veteran cover for horses over 16 yrs

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Dee from Hillingdon

14/01/16 00:50


horse insurance  sdfTowergate

Very cheap premium and when trying to claim I found out why! Didn't return calls, didn't respond to letters. This was insurance provided by Towergate who I thought were a reputable company but I eventually gave up trying to pursue my claim.

ImReallyAnElf from Scotland

11/04/16 20:30

Thanks for that - I'm finding it a really bewildering process but now I can cut out this lot as well as E&L, which is a start!

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