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Created June 2012. Includes live question results.

Top Tips for buying horse insurance

The types of horse insurance cover and top tips for comparing horse insurance.

Horse insurance can vary greatly, so it's important that you shop around and compare policies. There is no one-size-fits-all policy, it's more like a pick and mix where you need to carefully choose the type of cover for your circumstances and the level of cover you need.

Types of cover and examples

Death and Theft
Your horse has sustained a major injury and you and your vet decide to put the horse to sleep to prevent further suffering. You then claim for the cost of euthanasia and the value of your horse.
Your horse has been stolen and you make a claim for the cost of advertising to help find your horse and the horse's value if it is not found.

Permanent Loss of Use
You have insured your horse to cover him for endurance rides. He sustains a serious tendon injury which the vet declares will prevent him from taking part in endurance again. You then make a claim for compensation for this, which should be the value of the horse.

Vets Fees
Your horse has a bout of colic which runs up £3,800 in vet bills. You make a claim to cover the vet bills as your policy covers vet fees for up to £5,000 per condition.

Personal Accident
Your friend was riding your horse when the horse spooked and she fell off. Your friend damaged her teeth in the fall which required extensive dental treatment. You then claimed for the cost of this treatment on your insurance.

Public Liability
Your horse causes a road traffic accident where two other people get injured. They both file a personal injury claim against you, including legal fees and compensation.

Tack Insurance
Your saddle was stolen from the tack room at the livery yard where you keep your horse. You have a receipt from when you purchased the saddle. The tack room had a 5 lever mortice lock and was secure enough to adhere to the insurer's policy terms. You therefore receive the current value of your saddle so that you can purchase another saddle of the same value.

Trailer and Horse Box Insurance
Your horsebox was stolen from a secure lock up. You claim for the current market value of your horsebox so that you may purchase one of similar value.

Top Tips for comparing horse insurance

1) Don't choose a policy based on price alone. The lowest premium isn't always the most cost effective. Look for hidden costs, charges and exclusions.

2) Read horse insurance reviews from horse owners. It helps to see genuine feedback from customers to give you an idea of the insurer's track record.

3) Get at least three insurance quotes from companies with good reviews and carefully compare the policies in detail to appreciate the different levels of cover being offered.

Time for renewal

Like any other ongoing service, you should shop around when it's time to renew. If you find a different insurer who can offer you a better deal, contact your existing insurer to tell them. Your insurer may offer to match or better the competitor's offer to keep your business.

Compare horse insurance
Read horse insurance reviews


Questions to ask your insurer

How will my premium be affected if I make a claim?

Do you pay vets directly? If so, will there be a charge for this?

What excess will I have to pay?

Will my horse be covered for diagnostic and complementary treatment?

What is the age limit for illness cover?

How do I make a claim?

Are there any admin fees if I make a claim?

Your top tips for buying horse insurance

Vote for the tips you think are the best, or enter your own tip.

Emmie from Stourbridge

19/06/12 20:07

Check the level of cover

Not all policies are equal- check you understand what cover you actually need/want/being offered ie stabling cover, transport, complementary therapies, farriery etc

Don't make your decision on price alone

If you go for the cheapest option, you may find that you do not have sufficient cover. Read your policy and understand what it will cover you for.

TinaCobourn from Kent

20/06/12 22:31

Tried and trusted

If you have received good service - stick with that company, chasing cheaper premiums may be a false economy

Liz from Bedfordshire

21/06/12 10:25

Tried and Trusted- don't over insure for cover you don't need

BHS and others give you better 3rd party Liability, horses value won't be g'teed, ask freinds for thier experience, look for estras such as transport, alternative therapy, box rest extra costs paid out etc. An general policy is better value than Personal Accident on horse policies - most accidents happen in the home too!

SarahBlakemoreKillion from stafford

21/06/12 12:15

listen to other peoples advice on different company s

use a well known reputable company that has a good history of settling claims should you be unfortunate to have to make a claim . vets fees are my priority so shop around and be careful with older horse insurance !

Get at least 3 quotes from different insurers

Make sure you compare the policies to see what each offers.

hannah from norwich

21/06/12 13:34

Always check your excess

Sometimes the vets bills only marginally exceed that of the excess

KittyorKateMeredith from WS11

25/06/12 14:03

BHS Gold members get £10mil PLI & BEIDS. Buy vet/additional insurance as needed!

Read reviews of horse insurance companies

Antoinette from Odiham

01/07/12 08:55

Chat to your vets too

After you got all the quotes (at least 3) and weighed up all the levels of cover, have a chat to your vets about which companies are easier and most reliable to deal with. They deal with insurers on a daily basis!

JustineHughes from essex

21/06/12 14:42

3rd Party

Don't forget 3rd party insurance! Your horse could kicka child or a dog or even a caravan as happened to a friend of my mum! My pony chewed a £1000 saddle that belonged to another horse and we were able to claim on my 3rd party insurance

fiona from bham

20/06/12 22:32

dont treat this any differently to car insurance - what do you want covered&why?

jrice from exeter

26/06/12 16:02

I find it useful talking to others

find out who your friends are with, some companies are slow payers others are good.

Jane from Mansfield Woodhouse

19/06/12 11:36

Look at reviews.

Always check who underwrites your policy, then you can check reviews across that company. Some companies will have several unlinked brokers and its not until you dig deeper that you find out who is underwriting your policy.

SilkeJuppenlatz from Surrey

30/06/12 21:23

Make absolutely certain everything you do with your horse is covered.

(Schooling is often NOT covered.)

Bev Veal from St. Ives

29/06/12 15:56

dont over insure, if like me you are a happy hacker you dont need insurance for travelling to shows ectra

clare dash from derbyshire

22/06/12 17:50

read your policy ,if you dont understand it dont sign .

Christine Robinson from Lamplugh

02/07/12 20:05

Check the small print. Shop around. Ask friends.

Sarah from Wales

28/06/12 19:13

make sure Horse insurance is regulated in the uk, cheapest isn't always the best

Read reviews on insurance companies, choose wisely!

ElizabethMellor from linconshire

03/07/12 14:16

check you have the insurance you require

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